Movies we’ve watched when we were young

In the days long gone, when we were young toddlers and teenagers; movies was the ultimate treat for good deeds, good grades and even for just being a good girl or boy during the Sunday service or Sunday mass. Movies were planned for the weekends in the city or in the town if one lives at an out of the way farm. Movies are even brought out to a cluster of farms within an easy mile to each other to be shown in screen that were hanged out from the side of the truck that serves as a moving movie house.

Those were the days that movie watching under the starry, starry nights was the ultimate treat for a loved one. James Bond movies were the hits during the heydays of my far gone youth. Take into account a sprinkling of Jackie Chan’s and a few of Bruce Lee, John Travolta, Clint Eastwood and many others. The one most memorable movie for youngsters and oldies alike was the Sound of Music. The moving movie house was in the community center of the town plaza where grandpa’s farm was part of for almost a month. Every day the movie house showed the Sound of Music and every day the 50 movie tickets’ limit was sold out. They would have stayed a lot longer if it weren’t for the rains.