Trip to the Top of the World

It was my first time to travel to the South—up in the mountains of the indigent inhabitants of Datu Salumay in Marilog District. Since it was my first time to visit such a place, I did not have the slightest idea about what to expect on our journey. As a consequence because I did not have a jacket on, I nearly froze to death during the whole three hour ride. Good thing the magnificence of the view kept my mind busy most of the time; I had little time to think and mind the iciness of the place.

The jeepney ride was alright. But alas, the vehicle cannot go further due to the uneven road. So my only option is to walk three kilometers more to reach the place. Unlike the jeepney ride, my journey on foot was an arduous one because I have to at least climb up the steep, and slide down the slope; a very strenuous trip indeed. Right then and there, I felt the urge to just turn back and walk straight back to my ride. But then for the love of adventure, I still continued the journey. And like a man inside a cave walking towards vestibule, the entryway of the Datu Salumay village was full of warm light—emanated from the warm smiles of its villagers.