Who doesn’t love shopping? You?

Yes, shopping, shopping and shopping. There I said it as many times as allowed not to be redundant. What can be redundant with the word shopping and all that it stands for? Everybody upon hearing the word shopping will immediately lit up like an incandescent bulb. Men, women and children of all ages ultimately love shopping. Men and boys shop for gadgets, technologies, toys and tools. No amount of time spent browsing hardware stores, techno stores and toy store could ever diminish interest on shopping. Women and girls shop for clothes, foods and everything. The opening statement has been stated now it’s time for collaboration. Women enjoy shopping too much even browsing the places men and boys frequent they can still have good times.

Take men to shop for dresses, shoes even bags only a few would stay till a purchase is decided. Or they hurry you till you purchase the one you least wanted because that was what they liked. The worst possible scenario is you purchased the item with the least price because there are still purchases to be made at the hardware store.The women on the other hand patiently waits for the men and boys to make their purchases even to the extent of enjoying decision making time of what hammer to purchase and which grip can take all the plumbing pipes at home. For the little boys’ pleasure on the other hand Mommy will eventually choose and pay for the much costly version of the wanted toy to enable the little boys to enjoy it much longer. I don’t know what or which part of shopping makes the women’s and girls’ days? Do you know?

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Getting Back to Horse Riding

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