Is there such a thing as the best parenting formula?

Parent and child relationship has no limitations and starting points. How one parent carries the relationship with the child depends on the current requirements the relationship has. One cannot say to another parent how to go through with the relationship. Each parent and child relationship is unique from others because each child and parent differs from one another. There are otherwise some norms that are to be followed in order to put some status quo to the relationship just like other things and stuffs that everybody have to dealt with every day.

A child that fails in every subject he is currently enrolled with may have complications all on his own. One cannot say to the parent of that child that he is handling the child inaccurately unlike the way you dealt with yours. You cannot be a perfect parent compared to another one. Even one parent has to deal with each of his/her own child differently because each child is different from the other. If your own child always excel and is very outgoing don’t say to the parent of a very shy and slow learner child in your child’s class that he/she is not handling the relationship they have correctly. There may be some problems that the child has to deal with. You can instead encourage the child to interact naturally with others by being friendly. This may help the child move out of the protective shell he/she encased himself/herself with and will open her more to learning. You could contribute towards making the relationship better this way than the other way around.

The Importance of Breastfeeding to your Child

Breastfeeding is like feeding your child in the best way and the most important thing the child needs to have. With this, you can have a special bond to your child as well as all necessary nourishment is given not only due to practicality on financial issues but this is proven by many medical practitioners that using this method can prevent a lot of diseases or illness that may be experienced since after delivery your child is prone to infections.

Feeding your child means a lot and it is not an issue that you cannot provide the milk, preserving the beauty of your body or being busy and cannot handle this way. Your child is the most precious gift that was given to you that’s why you need to give the proper nutrition, care and love for them to grow happy, strong and healthy and can excel well as they grow older.

The Responsibilities on Parenting that Needs to Know

Being a Parent is not that simple as what a lot of people is thinking especially those teen individuals who is doing pre marital sex without knowing the consequences behind their action and when they become pregnant, abortion is the very first thing that comes in their mind.

Before engaging on parenting you need to be responsible on dealing with it. First, you need to be stable in life; it means you need to have a work in order to sustain the needs and nutrition of your child. Second, you have to be matured enough on making your child a good person and implementing rules as he grows for he or she can develop it in making life simpler. Third, you must educate your child and help them know a lot of things and be aware of the environment they live in.