A Portable DJ Gear For Everyone

Nowadays, things have become thinner, smaller, more convenient, and handier. Aside from that, everything can be controlled and used with the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. If someone is a DJ or at least planning to enter the scene, he should know the importance of portability when buying a gear. Being mobile equates to having an easier time going from gig to gig.

The idj live offers mobility and the ability to use the iPad and iPhone for DJing. Its users no longer have to lug around excessive gear that will probably end up collecting dust anyway when the rave starts. Newcomers to the scene can also play with it and grow as a DJ. Made for pros and newbies, this hardware is truly for everyone who wants portability.

Looking For the Perfect Headphones for Your Device

Companies that produce headphones offer so much time and care understanding the needs and preferences of their customers. That the reason why adjustable headbands are added to most headphones’ features. If you’re constantly getting its wires twisted, then get a wireless one. The wireless technology can be connected through Bluetooth or infrared. So you have to makes sure if the one you are buying is compatible with the device you have. If you don’t, you are just wasting your money as you won’t be able to use it.

If you are looking for headset that is perfect for your device and preference, you can visit the website of musician friend for wide selections of headphones. They offer different models that will surely suit your budget.

Have the Crum Throne Perfect For You!

When you have a drums set up, drum throne is the next thing you have to focus on. You need to make sure that it’s adjusted perfect for your height. Because people have different heights and sizes, only the drummers themselves can set the height of the throne perfect for them.

Nevertheless, the drum throne has to be high enough that, when placed, the knees should be at 90-100 degree angle. One more way to know this is that the thigh has to be slightly above parallel to the floor with a bit descending slope to them. If you are looking for good quality drum throne, you must check out GC.com to find the one that is perfect for you.

A Match Made on a Stage

It isn’t fun to be the third wheel in every relationship that is why I have been keen on setting up my best friend on a date ever since I found my better half. She would always complain that me and my hubby’s interaction makes her want to puke. But I know her better and I know that she wants one for her own.

So since my husband has this musician’s friend, we figure that they would be a perfect partner. My friend first saw the guy as he came up the stage and as he dedicated the song to my utterly shocked and blushing friend, I knew then that we made the right choose in setting them both together.

A Feast for your Ears

During the recent music festival, my friend who is the producer of the said event asked help to set up the entire concert place. The first thing that she asked me to do is to set up the paf from musicians friend. Setting up the equipment isn’t hard to do but the timing of the chore isn’t the best.

Fortunately after all the fuss with the musical instruments and equipment, the festival pushed through. I was happy with the end result of the entire program nonetheless. On the other hand my friend isn’t that pleased saying that there are tons of things that could have gone wrong with the kind of preparation that we had. But everyone who went to the event had fun.