Wright Park

Wright Park is one of the scenic parks in Baguio City which is located at the Eastern part of the city and fronting the main gate of the Mansion. It features the much photographed Baguio landmark, the “Pool of Pines”. One will see a gazebo and a long flight of stairs down the hill leading to the Riding Circle, where you can find hundreds of ponies which can ride which are popular among both children and as well as adult.

Photo Hunters: Classic

I think this is classic, he-he. 😛

Now, this is what I call a classic photo: This was taken when I was still in high school. I studied in an exclusive school for girls owned by the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM). Can you find me? I am at the second row, third person from the right.


Class 1992

Class 1989

Wordless Wednesday #12

Still have to pose after climbing the 214 steps to see the view of Chocolate Hills. This is the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol . Some say it looks like a women’s breast. The hills are covered in green grass that turns brown during the dry season. In the Chocolate Hills Complex have a restaurant, swimming pool and an observation deck.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol