Regular Physical Examination is a Must

When it comes to health a person cannot be careful enough. We need to cherish our bodies in order to have healthy spirits that will allow us living long and happy lives. A visit to a health care institution is a good way of managing our health. Such institutions exist to ease our pains but to prevent diseases as well. An early reaction is a presumption of successful healing.

I go on physical examination once a year. It costs a certain amount but I have been more than willing to raise that amount during the year to afford this treatment. They run all the basic laboratory tests and exam me from head to toes. I spend a half of the day there but it’s not a problem as I know what it means for me. The last station is an internal medicine evaluation. An internist tells me what the results are and how to handle potential health threats. I always leave the clinic happy knowing I’m healthy and responsible person that have a great chance of becoming a very old and happy lady.

Side Effects of Simvastatin to Your Health

There are different types of drugs that are administered to lower your cholesterol. However, one of the famous drugs that health professionals may give is Simvastatin. This medicine may decrease your cholesterol level until it reaches to a normal point. However, there are also side effects that you might notice that had taken place. You may find that the improvement of the cardiovascular immune system and condition will be helpful in your recovery you should take note of some actions and symptoms that are already developing in correspondence to this drug.

You might experience memory loss, muscle cramps and confusion. Other side effects that Simvastatin can give may result to a higher blood sugar or as we might know as type 2 diabetes mellitus. Although there are many effects that contradict patients to use this drug, there are other who finds simvastatin useful when it comes to improving their cardiovascular protection and conditions.

Prince Charming With an Attitude

John told me that I couldn’t go out today or any day until I get a clearance from Dr. Zimmerman. Seriously, I have no idea what his problem is and why people are so hyped about not letting me do anything. I’m just trying to live a normal life and I don’t appreciate being caged in my own home.

Ever since we found out that I had to have Migraine surgery, John has been a little overly protective. The headaches have gotten worse and what is most alarming is that it reaches the point that I faint several times a month from these episodes. Scary. After a month of testing and consultations, it was determined that I did need the arterial operation and this was non-negotiable.

Alas, my knight in shining armor came to the rescue and has made it a goal to take care of this fair maiden in distress.

Emotional health: Vital for every being

It’s essential to care for our physical health but we should not fall short of taking care of our emotional health too. Just like our physical health, emotional health is equally crucial to our overall well-being. Improving one’s mental and emotional health helps you cope up with future problem allowing your body to think and decide carefully without breaking down. People who are emotionally healthy achieve balance in work, play and sleep. They have a sense of contentment, they are able to maintain good relationship with others, have self-confidence and can adapt to life’s challenge. They are resilient and can bounce back in times of hardships. They are able to respond well with setbacks appropriately with balanced emotions and avoid depression.

Improve your emotional health by getting enough rest, eating healthy because what you eat also affect your mood. Regularly exercise to free your body from stress. Socialize with people, love and belongingness is one of the basic needs. Limit bad vices like smoking and alcohol intake. Take care of yourself, discover new things, connect with nature and learn self-discipline.

The dangers of energy drinks

The demand for energy drinks are surging because of its popularity, not only busy working adults are buying them but, teenagers and children are becoming fond of this beverage. It comes in variety of brands, colors and flavors but as it popularity grows the number of people seeking health care services are also growing because of its side effects.

The caffeine content of an energy drink is 2 to 4 times higher than a cola or a cup coffee. Imagine drinking 2 to 3 of energy shots per day, and not thinking of the health hazards that includes liver damage, increased heart rate and high blood pressure, seizures or even worse, death. Try something healthy next time. Rev up your energy by eating healthy, replenishing your body with water and getting enough sleep.