Eating Meals in Fast-food Chains

Fast-food restaurants are now ready and available for customers who want to eat immediately. There is McDonald’s, Jollibee, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chowking, Dimsum and more. All you need is to visit the store and buy food and drinks you’ll eat. Even if you are at home, they will be at your service through delivery. So whenever I go hungry and want fast foods, I call them easily.

With Jollibee, you need a required minimum order before they send it off to your home. It is also true with KFC, Chowking and Dimsum. With McDonald’s, I can order any meal but with addition of 40 pesos for delivery charge. You just need to call their hotline and in minutes the order is processed. In less than 30 to 40 minutes, the foods reach your doorstep. It is actually served just like how you see it at the restaurant.

The fast-food business is skyrocketing high in my country. As we love to eat, these companies bring convenience to quick foods. However if you have to eat all these regularly, it may be bad for your health; hence you should eat these in moderation.

Experimental dish for the day

Today, I thought of cooking dinner for my family. There was no meat in the refrigerator so I settled for a fish dish. I searched the internet for a good fish recipe. I wondered what food is perfect and easy to prepare. I found one recipe that suits my taste: fish fillet!

The preparation seems simple but I had a hard time skinning the fish. But that’s okay because I did it well. I prepared the other ingredients and proceed with cooking. The recipe was surprisingly easy to follow. When I finished cooking, I was satisfied with the outcome.

I served the food to my family and they praised me for the delicious taste. I will definitely cook again for my family some time. I will search for another recipe to experiment next time. Additionally, I am encouraged to teach myself other cooking techniques so I can have wider knowledge on cooking.

The All Organic Champorado Flavoring

Champorado is a chocolate flavored of thick sweetened rice that best served in a chilling cold of breaking dawn. Her are instant champorado in the market where you will just add hot water and served. I prefer to eat the natural goodness of the real cacao powder made as Choco bars for champorado.

The bars are made from the dried seed of cacao for about three days. When it’s done, it will be roasted and when the perfect aroma just came, it’s time to grind the seed with manual grinder that looks like a rolling pin. The last process to produce this rich natural coco flavor is by putting the first grinded set in the machine twice to perfectly achieve the firm. It can be form into bars or tableya shape, or even instantly put it in the champorado. This hot rice pudding is best served together with dried fish. The sweetness of champorado blends well in the strong salty taste of the fish.

You Can Handle What?

I smelled the aroma of the Filipino food named Kare-kare. As I taste the goodness of this food just by my nose, I remembered a fellow Filipina who joined in the US cooking show, I cannot help but smile. As a personnel in the kitchen, one should be able to handle the pressure and make their jobs well in a short period of time. yes, she is not yet a professional chef, but she said that she can the pressure in a certain situation.

She chose to cook the menu that would represent our land, which is the kare-kare. This dish is a mixture of green leafy vegetable stewed in a peanut sauce. This taste is actually bland so in order to eat well, it is paired with yummy fish paste. Aside from the veggies, a little amount of tenderized meat is also required. What she done in the show, is she put the meat in a pressure cooker to cook it on time because their working period is very limited. Yes, a very intelligent way of cooking meat, but she struggled. She can handle the pressure but she cannot handle to open the pressure cooker. Poor lady, the supposedly tender meat was cooked too much and that makes ticket to live the show early. If only she master the cooking tools, she could have a chance on it. Well, game has winners and losers all the time.

Comfort Food

The food that gives me comfort when I am anxious or just too tired is ice cream. I didn’t know exactly why ice creams give me a sudden feeling of comfort and happiness. I honestly thought that only foods which contain high glucose are the only ones which give us comfort.

I did some researches and found out that comfort foods are not restricted to those foods which have high glucose content. Comfort foods may vary from one culture to another. In America, the most favorite comfort foods are Grilled Cheese Sandwich and hamburgers. While in Canada, bacon and poutine goes on top of the list of the most favorite comfort foods. It’s amazing to know about these things. However, I will still stick to my favorite comfort food.