My Facebook Friend’s Mobile Addiction

The serial releases of smart phones that’s recently been flooding the market, provide mobile users some new range of choices, new possibility of mobile upgrades and for some new mobile models to drool (forgive my pun, couldn’t find another more suitable word) on. Well the mobile companies are in a race of who among them could first come up with better and more innovative gadgets. Samsung and Apple are the current race leaders though Nokia is not far behind.

One friend in Facebook I noticed was more active a few months before the end of the first school’s term, don’t know when theirs would end but still it was way too early, and I he was in his third year at the university. His frequent posts made me notice but mycuriosity had not been seethingto question him about it. A month later one friend spilled the beans, that friend is no longer schooling.

He stopped schooling because of financial reasons, hissupport was scratched by his sister because she couldn’t afford his fancies anymore. He always have a yen for the latest mobile phone available, he wants his phone changed as often as new models become available in the market; the brand depends on his whim. His family often asked him, what it is with new and latest mobile that makes you insufferable.

He won’t stop his hankering until his family gave in to his desires. They found the process irritating. Just recently he’s been posting photos of the Samsung S IV before he posted as his status the death of his latest iPhone.