I Love Rain

I am from the Philippines. There are only two seasons in my country – dry and rainy season. The rainy season usually starts in September. This is also the time of the year when typhoons come. But forget the typhoons, I never liked them. Who does? What I love is just a light to moderate drizzle.

From the balcony, I watch the adults walk with their umbrellas while the children ecstatically jump and play in the rain. And me? I am seated on a chair, got myself a hot cup of coffee. I am enjoying the cool air and letting the sound of the rain work its magic and calm me. This is a free therapy! I live in the city and fresh air is impossible. But right at this moment, I can inhale the fresh air that comes with the rain.

Some people think that rainy days are gloomy and sad. Well, not for people like me who find peace and joy in this type of weather.