The Love’s Alternative

Not in love? Fake it! It’s easy. Look for alternatives which can give you the same glow and bloom and happiness just like a real person who’s madly in love. Sure, it’s a little crazy and pathetic but hey! Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Trust me, I’ve been there.

In the past few months, my life was really a mess. I ran away from home. and had to fend for myself. I was broke and lonely. During those months, I found my best friend – chocolates! I hardly ate anything but it. My appetite was poor and I worked at night. But my chocolates kept me going. Despite my dire situation, I still managed to laugh and somehow feel happy. I always feel happy whenever I eat chocolates. I know its high on calories but I never get fat anyway. Who said diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Duh?! Not everyone can afford them. Chocolates are yummier and way better.