All-Time Favorite Pet

Persian kittens are long haired breed cat that is characterized by its shortened muzzle and round face. The name Persia is name in Iran where similar cats are founded. It has a variety of coat colors and is created by a flat faced. In Britain, they are called Persian Longhair. These cats have an extremely long and thick coat, with short legs and wide head. The ears are set apart with large ears and shortened muzzle. This cat is common in a home because a lot of people like to take care of them or even dress them. They have color markings including pointed ball, golden color, tortoiseshell, tabby and blue.

A Persian kitten is described as a quite cat. They adapt well in an apartment life. They have the qualities which are closeness and affection to owners, cleanliness, predictability, friendliness towards a stranger and fuzziness over food. Other people breed kittens for health, temperament and beauty. Some prove this cat as their angels because of its adorable little fir-faces.