The Perfect Imperfect Moment

Who would have thought that I would enjoy your company this much? Honestly when you were first introduced to me as my new cheap music shop, I wanted to strangle our mutual friend. I didn’t like how you look or act. I never thought that my first impression would change in a heartbeat.

I remember you singing to my favorite song while playing your guitar. I never told you about that song but I get the feeling that you know how much I like the song so you continued playing it for me. How I wish I could capture that moment in a video clip so I can watch it every time I miss you. That night was one of the most perfect moment of my imperfect life.

Lock Out Day

The new office has three master keys that hold the key to the office door. One time, all three of them are arriving late. The first one is usually arrive the earliest suddenly sick, so he can’t go to the office. I and my co-workers are standing in front of the door looking like lost puppies who can’t find its mother. About several minutes later, the second key master arrived. Our hopes are raised because finally, we can go to the office. But, unfortunately, he also didn’t bring the key, because he said that usually the first person is opening the door every day.

All of us are making the floor as our chairs. The other workers from different office are staring at us. Every time the elevator opens up in our floor, there are claps around just to greet the upcoming worker. Finally, after being locked for about 45 minutes, the third person brings the key.