My Uncle is My Inspiration

My uncle made a lot of money. According to him, he was exploited by syndicates in his younger years. He has nothing to show for it. But fortunately, he’s starting to change his path now. He wants to only work as a role models and financial heroes to younger people. He’s no longer interest in dealing with bad people.

He’s now planning to build a website that will teach people how to get money with music. He bought exceptional fender blues deluxe reissue to start with. Actually, he’s also my inspiration. Even some people don’t like where he started, I personally think he’s a very nice man and the world needs more people like him. Even many people judged him, he doesn’t care, what’s important to him is to make this world a better place.

I Had an Incredible Yard Sale

I had my first lawn sale yesterday. I’m only 21and it made me think like I’m a real adult. I think this was the healthiest, most fun, and pleasing thing I’ve done in a while. It was such a nice way of getting rid of stuff, and it was fun to meet all the different kind of people that come to these things!

I think I systematized a great sale, I’m just disappointed that I had to let go of the new aandf at Guitar Center that my boyfriend asked me to do since he wants to quit his band already. But it still feel a good riddance, doing new things in his life and I help him with it.

Oh My Beloved Brother

My brother works in an industry where different tools and fixture components are needed. As his older sister, I am proud of him, but I never really understood what made him fascinated in that line of work. His task was to do an inventory, go online, and order from a supplier if ever they are missing something. Since he caught flu and was too sick to order supplies, he asked me a favor to do it for him.

They needed dozens of screws, and his only requirement was that it should be durable, came from a great supplier, and can be bought cheap since their budget was a bit low. Luckily, I stumbled upon a site that offered those types of screws and so much more. It was very cheap too, so I purchased them immediately. After my brother got better, he thanked me for a job well done, and said that from then on; he would order supplies from that site.