Coal Trains, Not Anymore

The modern use of railways is now expanding, becoming larger than life and expensive, says one article that tackles a boom of the railway system. This recent boom is caused by sprouting mines in the regions of Australia and New Zealand. The remoteness of the mine locations made the necessity of the railway system for transporting their products and manpower.

In the recent years railway system became the mainstream in urban transportation, getting faster and faster, some are dubbed the bullet train or the most recent Maglev train in Shanghai, China. This kind of transportation waned in some countries where it was first used but more and more countries today are adopting this mode of transportation. In some parts of the world there are people who haven’t had experienced a train ride. The modern ones not the trains fueled by tons of coal.

A friend recounted an anecdote about his uncle’s first Metro rail train experience. They were scheduled to visit a distant grandmother of their Mom, her Mom’s older brother was the one assigned to chaperone them kids, all other adults were busy with their businesses IRS obligations, and it’s the right month for that. This uncle is an eccentric and quite on the golden years and not once were he able to travel beyond the neighboring cities and if the ones he had it was always by car or by plane. He wanted to sleep and shower on the trip to optimize the experience,he bought a bedroom sleeper travel ticket for the four of them so they will arrived in their destination scrubbed and fresh. And true, they were able to sleep the night away lulled by the gentle sway of the train, though for some this is unnoticeable, woke up early, showered and got ready.

They were able to directly enjoy the chitchat when they arrived in their grandma’s house because they were fresh and dressed, ready to socialize. My friend will always sigh in resignation when reminded of her uncle’s eccentricities, maybe he almost always has the brighter travel ideas, his brothers’ and sisters’ oppositions could be the reason he is so shy to travel far. That was the most refreshing and easiest travel experience for her so far.