Transcriptions Of Medical Tests Thousand Miles Away

Modern technology have allowed for us many conveniences that our ancestors would have thought as the work of evil and bad spirits, to lure them into the darkness. These first century devices would have branded their inventors and creators, as hedonists for believing what they believed, a long, long time ago. They could have been roasted in fire, if they insist, the Wright brothers and Alexander Graham Bell were lucky they were born in the more liberal age. The father of the modern day flying machine and the father of the first ever communication tool could have been roasting in their pit for a very short time, many would have contributed fuel for their bonfires. Today communication got to its highest degree of convenience, we are lucky in this too. Even remote works are possible through the latest innovations on communication tools. Almost half of administrative works are being farmed out to remote workers around the globe, to places where there are strong internet connection, and I am one of those kinds of worker.

When I was into the most fulfilling phase of my online work career, my kids got so confused with my inattention to them, even the food served for lunch were cold and almost always a days old. I was so busy with my work because I went into fulltime, so exhilarated was I of the self-worth I got from having a very successful job, I have no time for kids cuddling and even for cooking meals. If not pre-cooked recipes, their dinner would be a bucket meal from the Colonel, or a haphazardly put together homemade pizza being served by their older sister.

A whispered question from my youngest son to his older sister that I overheard one day was the turning point for my loving Mom attention dysfunction. “Why does Mom attend to her PC more than she does us, I kind of miss her floury hands hugs.” he said. That made me stopped work for the whole day, thoughts of financial gain against the peripheral vision I often caught, of my kids huddled at the doorway to my workroom or hunched over in front of cold, days old meals tugged at my emotions and my thoughts. How could I read lab results, transcribing them carefully so as not to commit mistakes accidentally?

While my kids get haphazardly on with their young lives? How could I work hard to transcribe the best result always, this I do consciously, while my kids are slowly drifting into bad impressions with my inattention? They could become loose in their ways because of confusions, and I know, I couldn’t have that in our life. I slowly turn from my well paid work at home job, back to my no pay but full of fulfillment Mom job, bringing back those lightness to my kids’ steps and the sparkle in their eyes, when they face steaming hot meals at dinner, well that always make my day. I still work online though but part time, 6 hours in between preparing lunch and dinner. Well, so much for 21st century communication advancement, I am still the first century Mom.