Idea Presentation in Journalism

David Halberstam’s The Narrative Idea discusses journalism as a result of a developed idea. Trusting the gut is as important as logically analyzing a sentence. The discipline of writing is in controlling creativity. You don’t just let things pour out until the final draft. A part of the writer must keep in mind that the readers must be able to comprehend what is being said. This principle intersects with most that is written regarding personal essays. Personal essays and columns need to interact with the readers through familiarity, but must also give some sort of resolution, inquisition, or a new concept to grasp afterwards.

In non-fiction, perspective is significant. The voice of the speaker must develop a character of a learned person that people can relate either themselves to, but must offer more. An article is better written after consultations with people who are actually involved in the matters at hand. Real stories are just as interesting as fabricated ones – the point of view just needs to be able to explain, not just tell.