Tuna Capital of the Philippines

General Santos City is not only known for being the Tuna Capital of the Philippines but also the home of the world’s boxing champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. General Santos used to be a municipality of Maguindanao and was originally known as Dadiangas.

By day, you can witness the amazing tuna harvest at the world class Gen Santos Fish port. You just have to secure a permit from the City Government to enter the port. Eating out in Gensan is never a worry. Kilawin, adobo and papaitan are some of the many delicious dishes the Casa Goat-an Restaurant has to offer. It is located along Bulaong Street.

You can also bring home Tuna processed products, tutido or the tuna embutido and the turiso or the tuna soriso. Before leaving the place, enjoy first the sand of Gumasa Beach which is comparable to the famous Boracay. And that…do not leave the city without your ice-filled styro box for the fresh tuna!