Eyeing the negative effects of lenses

There is a quote that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. A saying living long time ago and believed by many. In my honest opinion, everyone has their own asset and that makes them beautiful as a human.

In my observation, mostly girls put an effort to make them presentable to everyone’s eye. Aside from the cosmetic stuff they apply, colorful accessories such as bracelets, necklace and earrings make them feel complete. Today, styling the hair isn’t enough to mingle with the new groups; lenses do the job to boost their confident and it is used by others to add appeal. Over using of lenses in eyes may not prescribe by the eye doctors, especially the ones sale in unrecognized store.

Cheap lenses often bring the eye irritation that can lead into blindness as worst effect. Using of not sanitized pair, inter-changing usage and never putting out are the main cause of eye problems due to lenses.

A Portable DJ Gear For Everyone

Nowadays, things have become thinner, smaller, more convenient, and handier. Aside from that, everything can be controlled and used with the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. If someone is a DJ or at least planning to enter the scene, he should know the importance of portability when buying a gear. Being mobile equates to having an easier time going from gig to gig.

The idj live offers mobility and the ability to use the iPad and iPhone for DJing. Its users no longer have to lug around excessive gear that will probably end up collecting dust anyway when the rave starts. Newcomers to the scene can also play with it and grow as a DJ. Made for pros and newbies, this hardware is truly for everyone who wants portability.