First Memory When I Was Little

What is your first memory when you are little? I think my first memory is when I was in the kindergarten and my mother is waiting outside the classroom to accompany me. I am a cry baby at kindergarten and I always want my mother to accompany me to the school and stand outside the classroom. But, the classroom window has curtains to cover it up. Before the class begun, my mother used to slightly open the curtain to let me know that she is out there and watching me.

But, when the class begun, the teacher closed all the curtains and I can’t see my mother anymore. I panicked and I cried out loud in the class. The teacher tried to calm me down but eventually gave up and talks to my mother outside to help her calm me down. My mother told me that I have to be a good girl and listen to my teacher well. Eventually, a week later I am not afraid anymore.

Finding The Missing Piece

My friend Joey has been very interested in getting an amplifier for quite some time now. He has done his research and even saved enough money after working on his part-time job. When he was finally able to buy it, he was surprised that the amp was not functioning as well as it should.

After asking a couple of other friends, they discovered that what he got were speakers and not the actual amp. Reading a jcm 900 review convinced him that it was the perfect combination for his new amplifier so he bought it from the net. My friend was ecstatic when it actually worked. He found the missing piece of the puzzle which actually turned out to be the head.