The Peplum, the white and menswear fabric

When I was designing my bridal entourage dresses, I happened upon the peplum. My friend advised against it, she said it will make women look bigger. I always regretted not doing a dress with a peplum on it. So when it kept showing up in the fashion magazine, I made a skirt with a peplum on the top part and loved it. I modernized it with a rocker zipper for my peplum piping. My friend once more warned me about the dangers of unflattering peplum. And now it is still fashionable especially for fall 2013. I hope to bring out that skirt this December.

Another great Fall outfit are whites as pure as snow. In trend this season for both day to night outfits, or simply for the office. You can match it up with emerald greens that consolidates the whole holiday feel.

They also recommend Menswear fabrics to exemplify women’s patterns. I’m thinking peplum pencil skirts with plaid. Masculine sexy.

Finding the Best Masonic Ring as a Gift

A Freemason would know the importance of wearing a ring that contains an accurate symbol in it. For people who are inexperienced but would like to buy masonic rings to give to their friends and relatives as a gift, it’s a good idea to make prior research before deciding to buy one.

When you browse a ring catalogues, you’ll see how popular signet ring is. A masonic ring will be made with a metallic surface that’s flat and plain. You are able to select the design you would like for the ring. This design could be with or without the letter G on it. Your design or symbol you would choose will be set onto the plain surface and it would create a raised design.