I Wish I Played with Snow

As the country where the equator line is at the center, there will be no snow. Sometime, I wish for some snow so I can experience what the other country had. Like, building a snowman, and playing snow ball. To bad, my country only has rains and thunderstorm for weather variety. Actually, I went to Korea once for business and it’s in November. The weather is so cool, almost 10 degree Celsius. I can’t stand it. My skin feels itchy.

So, in reality, my body rejected the cold season. I don’t think I will survive the winter season there. That’s why I always wanted to go on vacation on summers because the weather is hot and there will be no snow. I can handle hot, but I can’t handle the cold. But, if I was asked whether I like to play in the snow, I won’t lie. I’d love some snow in my country. Not the whole three month season but maybe only about 1-3 days top.