The thick and curvy dilemma

Ever had a body problem? I always do, because I’m not slim; I have a lot of meat that’s difficult to hide that’s why it’s always have trouble choosing the perfect clothes or the perfect jeans for me. I hate it when the length and size of the hips and waist doesn’t match and because I’m thick I’m going to have just buy the jeans then go to a tailor to fix the length problem.

Another thing that upsets me is that my hips or side belly would always hit the table edges or the fucking door knob, like seriously it hurts that I swear all the time. Let’s not forget about my ass, it’s so infuriating when you get to sit on a small chair without getting embarrass of standing up because you had a chair hugging your entire ass.

That always happens to me and people will laugh because the chair gets to be clingy with me. I also have problems dressing up or finding the perfect outfit to buy in a department store because the sizes are just too biased, why can’t they just have the right dress that fit me. I fit like 3-5 outfit and not even one compliments my body. It’s frustrating that I’m getting ugly complaining. Are you like me too?