Cooking for a crowd

It’s hard cooking for a huge number of people, normally you only cook for two to five persons but if you are cooking for twenty to fifty people, well that’s another thing since there are lot of things to consider. What foods will they like, you also have to consider their religion because some food are against their religion.

Prepare a menu that will fit to your crowd, make sure that you have the right amount of food to cook; it will be a big problem when not all your guests have eaten because you got short. If you’re preparing for 50 people make it 60 just in case they bought a friend over, a little extra never hurts.

Make your menu simple, you don’t have to cook complex food especially if it’s your first time cooking for a crowd, just keep it simple but appetizing and delicious enough so that the crowd will enjoy. Make sure you pull everything off, let’s not try to impress but rather let’s try to deliver.

Celebrating Town Fiestas in Plaridel

Traveling to new and different places has always been a hobby of mine ever since. I remember when Grandma was alive, she used to take us to different towns in Plaridel, Misamis Occidental. What we usually do there is keeping traditions alive. And since it was the month of May, lots of fiestas were celebrated and my cousins and I would accompany Grandma to feast with relatives.

What I can never forget about Grandma is her way to convince her relatives to take home some food. My cousins and I were so embarrassed why she had to do this even if we were already full. However in Mindanao regions, it is typical. And as we were celebrating fiestas, part of the old tradition was to give away foods to whoever asked.

We went home with lots of foods. And we were relieved from the embarrassment we felt earlier. As Grandma had asked for food, we were so happy we had a wonderful dinner. It was one of my most cherished moments with Grandma, and I miss her a lot.

Looking For the Perfect Headphones for Your Device

Companies that produce headphones offer so much time and care understanding the needs and preferences of their customers. That the reason why adjustable headbands are added to most headphones’ features. If you’re constantly getting its wires twisted, then get a wireless one. The wireless technology can be connected through Bluetooth or infrared. So you have to makes sure if the one you are buying is compatible with the device you have. If you don’t, you are just wasting your money as you won’t be able to use it.

If you are looking for headset that is perfect for your device and preference, you can visit the website of musician friend for wide selections of headphones. They offer different models that will surely suit your budget.

Eating Meals in Fast-food Chains

Fast-food restaurants are now ready and available for customers who want to eat immediately. There is McDonald’s, Jollibee, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chowking, Dimsum and more. All you need is to visit the store and buy food and drinks you’ll eat. Even if you are at home, they will be at your service through delivery. So whenever I go hungry and want fast foods, I call them easily.

With Jollibee, you need a required minimum order before they send it off to your home. It is also true with KFC, Chowking and Dimsum. With McDonald’s, I can order any meal but with addition of 40 pesos for delivery charge. You just need to call their hotline and in minutes the order is processed. In less than 30 to 40 minutes, the foods reach your doorstep. It is actually served just like how you see it at the restaurant.

The fast-food business is skyrocketing high in my country. As we love to eat, these companies bring convenience to quick foods. However if you have to eat all these regularly, it may be bad for your health; hence you should eat these in moderation.

Have the Crum Throne Perfect For You!

When you have a drums set up, drum throne is the next thing you have to focus on. You need to make sure that it’s adjusted perfect for your height. Because people have different heights and sizes, only the drummers themselves can set the height of the throne perfect for them.

Nevertheless, the drum throne has to be high enough that, when placed, the knees should be at 90-100 degree angle. One more way to know this is that the thigh has to be slightly above parallel to the floor with a bit descending slope to them. If you are looking for good quality drum throne, you must check out to find the one that is perfect for you.