Anime Ghost story: Another

There is this anime that I watched that’s very weird and thrilling, it was actually a ghost story/mystery but it’s not like the kind wherein there’s a ghost that haunts and scare people. The story was very creepy but it was gripping enough to hold on to it. it started with a class 3 legend 26 years ago when a classmate died but then the whole class started seeing their dead classmate and that they’re convinced that he was actually living with them until they graduated.

After the first year, the calamity came when a classmate or someone related to anyone who is in Class 3 dies each month, it always happens when a new kid transfers so to break the curse they need to make the person non-existent. I tell you the story gets weirder and the developments will strike you till the end.

They have to find and kill the dead living amongst them and because of that the class 3 had gone berserk because of the fear of dying. All I have was hunches while watching this anime. The story is good, the 12 episodes and 1 prologue will surely keep you glued to your seats.

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