Joint Ventures for Improvement in the Philippine Economy

The Americans, Europeans and Japanese government have sent financial aids to third world countries like the Philippines. For instance in the Obama administration, it has delegated funding for development projects in most parts of the country. His call to create more jobs in the US has allowed the Philippines to create more jobs for its people as well. For the locals, we now have various contact centers installed in different parts of the country. This makes the BPO industry in the country more successful than ever.

In developing regions of the country, the European Union has initiated funding for joint government projects. It has supported various projects found in rural areas such as those in the Visayas and Mindanao. Many have benefited from this financial support, and for some, it has left them sustainable.
Japan too has its own line of financial assistance. The nation has helped the Philippines in terms of infrastructures despite the earthquake and tsunami incident. It has also provided overseas employment for Filipinos.

What this simply means is having rich nations helping out poor ones for development. Yes they have their own motives for helping out; but most of the benefits can be experienced in third world countries like the Philippines. It has also molded and developed its economy.

A Must Have for All

In the world we live in now I strongly believe that we all must take care of our health more than ever. There are so many new diseases affecting people from all walks of life. That is why we need to take necessary precautions to avoid it.

I attended a seminar at the a health insurance agency in nc. During the talk they explain the importance of taking care of our health. Other than that they also discuss the many ways we can prevent the spread of certain illness. The speaker also emphasized the importance of vaccines. And that it is a must have for all most especially for children. It was an afternoon well spent because I’ve learned so many things from them.

Local Filipino Star Mobbed in Friend’s Condo

For a week, it was headline in Philippine news that a local star named Vhong Navarro was mobbed by friends. It all started when he tried to visit an old friend in her condominium. Just new to the place, the girl welcomed him and they shared a bottle of red wine. At that instant, they were intimate with each other. The next time he came back, the actor was a victim of alleged rape and blackmail.

For fear of his life, he sent himself to the hospital. He called up his manager and they reported the incident to authorities. Earlier, he was reported to have raped his friend. But the actor insisted that it was not true because it was blackmail. NBI agents and police officers are now investigating the case.

Today, the local star is out from hospitalization. He immediately went to the DOJ office to confirm his complaint for his female friend and the mobsters. This girl too filed a rape case. Court hearings will take place on the 14th of February, which is Valentine’s Day.

A Match Made on a Stage

It isn’t fun to be the third wheel in every relationship that is why I have been keen on setting up my best friend on a date ever since I found my better half. She would always complain that me and my hubby’s interaction makes her want to puke. But I know her better and I know that she wants one for her own.

So since my husband has this musician’s friend, we figure that they would be a perfect partner. My friend first saw the guy as he came up the stage and as he dedicated the song to my utterly shocked and blushing friend, I knew then that we made the right choose in setting them both together.