Lucky to have trendy Sister In-laws

My sister in-laws are Shelly and Nancy who are the trendiest people I know. I am lucky because whenever they give me gifts I suddenly turn into a fashionistas like them. Nancy is Jeff’s eldest sister, the Ate who loves to shop. I get mostly American brands like Victoria Secret lotions and perfumes. Her taste level for clothes are also very stylish so I get to own nice printed blouses that I wouldn’t normally wear, but once I do I thank the stars for giving her as my sweet new sister.

Shelly is from France and comes home to visit the Philippines every two years. Just like her older sister, she has this eye for shopping for great bags, shoes and clothes. She gives me these nice branded bags that ranges from the chic Chanel bags to Esprit bags that are huge and very me. Her choice for clothes are more my style but between the two of them I couldn’t care less which ones a better stylist. Both have given me so much to feel like a baby sister.

Break Time is Still Company Time

August 1 marks the 12th year anniversary of the company where my sister-in-law works. Since she is the head of the marketing department, she is also in-charge of the souvenirs.

The over-all committee head approved their proposals on souvenir matters. They have agreed that all employees will be given a custom logo mugs. Practical gift to all employees since most of them enjoy drinking free coffee in the company’s percolator. They also plan to give those mugs to their regular customers to thank them for their continued support. Those mugs are also a continued advertisement for their company and services it offers.

I also like the idea of customized mugs. I might as well use it as an opening freebie in my food business.