Laugh Out Loud Once A Day

My brother said that when I laugh it is really loud. He said to be careful with someone else because maybe that someone won’t get use to my laughing. Well, I love a good laugh, especially after watching a good comedic movie. I don’t laugh often. So, I want to smile at least once or twice a day. A smile can keep some illness away, right?

People live happier life with laughing than worrying. I just wish that I can laugh out loud every day. That’s why I want someone that can make me laugh every day for my companion. I don’t think I can live my life without laughing. You can transfer laugh from one person to another. A good comedian can produce laugh from his audience in an instant. That’s why I prefer comedy movie more than a horror movie because I can laugh all I want until my stomach hurts.

A Feast for your Ears

During the recent music festival, my friend who is the producer of the said event asked help to set up the entire concert place. The first thing that she asked me to do is to set up the paf from musicians friend. Setting up the equipment isn’t hard to do but the timing of the chore isn’t the best.

Fortunately after all the fuss with the musical instruments and equipment, the festival pushed through. I was happy with the end result of the entire program nonetheless. On the other hand my friend isn’t that pleased saying that there are tons of things that could have gone wrong with the kind of preparation that we had. But everyone who went to the event had fun.

Ignorance is Never an Excuse

One reason why I never listened to my father when he told me to enroll in a music school is that I am never one of those kids who can spend hours playing musical instruments. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate music. I love listening to it. I’d rather be the audience than the performer.

I remember during one school presentation our teacher said that its my job to play the ukulele for the presentation. I bluntly told her that I don’t know how to play such instrument. She almost had a heart attack with my choice of tone. She told me that since I don’t know how to play it, I will fail on her subject. And that not knowing something should never be a hindrance but it should be a motivation.

Creating Wonderful Memories with Family

Family will be there for you when no one else is. Value them the same way you value your life. They are actually your extended limbs and body parts.

Nothing lasts forever that is why we need to create memories with people we love while we still can. It doesn’t necessarily means that you have to spend money to create these wonderful memories with them. Spending time with them is actually enough. As we grow old we sometimes forget that our parents are also growing old. Set a time where you can simply be with them. Tell them stories about your life, give them updates on what is happening around them. Let them play with their grandchildren.

Family is one of the most wonderful blessing that God has given each and everyone of us. Treasure it and cherish it while we still can. Don’t wait until its gone before you actually start giving them importance.

From Father To Daughter

Back in the day, I used to play the clarinet. I was good at it and even used my playing ability to serenade my wife Remy. During the years, I developed pneumonia, and this made it hard for me to play the instrument that I loved, so I just kept my clarinet hidden in the basement. When my daughter found it last year, she wanted to learn how to play.

My instrument was out of commission so I bought her the clarinet reeds 2.5 at WWBW so she could have something to use. I taught her as best as I could, given my situation, and she learned pretty quickly. Apparently, clarinet playing runs in the family because my daughter is good at it too.