Pilates With Mari Winsor Gave Me Good Feeling

I have never felt so energized than when I was doing pilates with Mari Winsor’s exercise cds. Very well made, with wonderful relaxing music and Mari Winsor’s soothing voice. I was able to do the stretches without harming my knee, my back and breaking my relaxation.

I was able to ease into all the positions after doing it under a month. Finding my core, concentrating all of my energy on it, allowing it to assist me to love it. Giving the most amazing results after only 2 months of exercise.

I easily fell in love with it because of how it made me feel more than how it made me look. I was able to stick to this regimen for 4 whole years. The only problem I faced when I stopped was space. This is the kind of work out that requires you to stretch your arms easily and your legs to its fullest length. Sadly with my small condo, it was not possible.

The Great Circus Experience

Jamie went to a circus last week. She saw all sorts of acts—some are funny, while some are downright creepy. It was her first time to visit an event of such kind and she was a little too excited to experience everything. She went to almost all shows and enjoyed every minute of it. There were animals, both trained and wild. It was like going to a special kind of zoo.

She witnessed a tiny man playing the harmonica, a gigantic woman wrestling with a man from the audience, a lion tamer, and even had a fortune teller talk to her about the future. Of course, she also bought a few unique items to make the day more memorable. It surely was a great circus experience!

Experimental dish for the day

Today, I thought of cooking dinner for my family. There was no meat in the refrigerator so I settled for a fish dish. I searched the internet for a good fish recipe. I wondered what food is perfect and easy to prepare. I found one recipe that suits my taste: fish fillet!

The preparation seems simple but I had a hard time skinning the fish. But that’s okay because I did it well. I prepared the other ingredients and proceed with cooking. The recipe was surprisingly easy to follow. When I finished cooking, I was satisfied with the outcome.

I served the food to my family and they praised me for the delicious taste. I will definitely cook again for my family some time. I will search for another recipe to experiment next time. Additionally, I am encouraged to teach myself other cooking techniques so I can have wider knowledge on cooking.

The Errand Runner

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with my Dad. I’ve always wanted to experience the ‘real world’ and the place where my Dad works is definitely a great start. The people who work there made me feel welcome, like I was really part of the firm.

Basically, I’ve been tasked to run various errands such as dropping off documents and picking up materials from random places. I had to hit different stores and offices, like when I had to pick up some digital printing in nyc that my Dad needs for his presentation, as well as other campaign materials. I wasn’t expecting anything in return—getting the experience is already enough—but a lot of the people who asked me to do errands gave me tips! I wasn’t even asking them to pay! All in all, I had a great time being the errand runner at their office.

A Pedal Of My Own

Last year, my best friend Kyle bought a classic iron cobra at musicians friend. He was very satisfied with it and did not have trouble adjusting it to fit his needs. Since I did not have one of my own, I borrowed his pedal. To my surprise, I liked it very much so I decided that when I have money to spare, I will buy one.

Eventually, I received my tax return and got extra money on my hands. I purchased the cobra and was glad that I did. It was better than expected, not to mention I could use it anytime since it was mine. Kyle was thrilled for me, and I gave him another set of drumsticks as thanks for introducing me to my favorite pedal.