If I Can Hear People’s Voice

I watch this awesome movie about a guy who can hear people’s voice. I think for a second that it is cool if you can hear other person thought. You will know how to control every situation and hope to avoid some disadvantage condition. I know that money and power is great temptation, but I am not going to use it for that. But, an hour later, I don’t want to have that kind of ability. Because, you cannot stop and filter all those thoughts from your head.

It is like hearing every one’s business and frankly, it is none of my concern. I only want to hear someone I care about. But, great communication and relationship will make you able to read thought someone you cared about. If you knew someone long enough, eventually you would know what she or he think about. There is no secret way to do it than just caring for the person you love and listen with your heart.

The Secret to Sleeping like a Baby

This time of the year, Susie hardly gets in a wink of sleep because of the harsh, cold weather. Even huddled up under a thick layer of comforter, she still wakes up in the middle of the night due to her icy feet. Her friends always thought she has ultra-sensitive skin because she gets cold easily and, similarly, sweats as easily.

Just last week, she bought a pair of footwarmers and even picked a thermal jacket to help her get through the season. She’s also planning on getting a new heater installed in her apartment with the hopes of getting more comfortable at night. Surely, these small efforts will at result to an easier, more carefree holiday season for Susie.

The Rising Fashionista

My niece, Misha, is evidently a budding fashion enthusiast. At the age of 14, she already knows the latest trends in clothing, accessories, and all about the world of fashion. She even watches Victoria’s Secret fashion shows regularly! That’s a lot more than I could say for myself when I was the same age—the only joy I knew was climbing trees and reading.

Anyway, since she’ll be visiting here in a few weeks’ time, I figured I’d give her a little surprise. I love my niece to bits and making her happy simply warms my heart. So I bought her a bunch of new clothes online and a few accessories here and there, some hairpieces from ultimatelooks.com and two pairs of high-heeled shoes (which I fear, will be the end of me once my brother sees them). I’m really excited to see the look on my little fashionista’s face once she opens up her presents!

I Love My Children

Children may keep a family together, well almost always but sometimes they may cause rifts too but that’s not the point, husband and wife are more mature they should reign family life. Children could be affected one way or the other by problems in the family. Consequence of separations negative or positive may rest on situations and could be damaging or beneficial. Kids could be affected positively or negatively, and their welfare should be what parents should prioritize, when they decide to separate. However parents tend to put the kids first in everything, there could only be few cases where children are put to disadvantage. But their emotional and psychological response to anything related to family should be taken into council considerably.

My family like any other have problems too. Kids not cooperating, being lazy and asking too much;almost always cause slight differences of opinions between us. Well, sad but true and considering them and a lot of good a separation will do to them, my spouse and I went each our own way. Children if at first know the real situation and the state of their parent’s marriage, would view any separation with a wisdom few adults would think kids are capable of. The relief I saw in their faces when told of the separation, melted my heart. Was the obvious distance between me and their dad hurt and confused them so much.

Sometimes pride may cause us to hold on to a marriage that was never beneficial to us couples and to the children too. The desire of showing the world that we had done well with handling our family and married life and that we belong to the few that is able to make marriage a success could just sometimes prolong the misery and put off the inevitable. Well, let us always think of the consequences of trying to hold on to a marriage that had never been favorable and never would be. Children should be the product of love that a marriage have, don’t ever make the mistake of letting them be the product of hate that asour marriage cultivates. Children like trees grows tall and proud in the sunshine, but grow stunted and sickly in the shadows.

Microphones Just Across the Street

I was requested to be a host at a friend’s debut, and as ecstatic as I am, I giggly dressed up and made myself look pleasant enough to be in front of about 100 people gracing the event. An hour later, the practice for the event and I grabbed the microphone, then I heard screeching sounds and the microphone stopped functioning.

I was panicking, who wouldn’t? There were no more microphones available. However, my friend who was the debutant told me not to worry since they have already told their helpers to buy beyerdynamic microphone just across the street in an electronics shop. I was so relieved and practically made everyone enjoy the party because of my engaging hosting.