One Ring To Rule Them All

I have given my husband several rings over the years. Since he is acidic, most of the ring I give him gets damaged eventually. It would lose its luster, and after several days of wearing them, he would begin to itch. He loves to don them nonetheless, so we had to find a good hypoallergenic ring that his fingers will tolerate.

When I saw the jewelry vortex tungsten rings online, I thought that we could give it a shot. Upon receiving it, my husband loved it immediately. What is even more amazing is he is able to leave it on in his hands for several hours without itching. Indeed, it puts all his past rings to shame. It looks like my husband will not replace his ring anytime soon.

The All Organic Champorado Flavoring

Champorado is a chocolate flavored of thick sweetened rice that best served in a chilling cold of breaking dawn. Her are instant champorado in the market where you will just add hot water and served. I prefer to eat the natural goodness of the real cacao powder made as Choco bars for champorado.

The bars are made from the dried seed of cacao for about three days. When it’s done, it will be roasted and when the perfect aroma just came, it’s time to grind the seed with manual grinder that looks like a rolling pin. The last process to produce this rich natural coco flavor is by putting the first grinded set in the machine twice to perfectly achieve the firm. It can be form into bars or tableya shape, or even instantly put it in the champorado. This hot rice pudding is best served together with dried fish. The sweetness of champorado blends well in the strong salty taste of the fish.

Santa can you hear me?

I’ve been DJ-ing at a club downtown for years now. It’s my ultimate hobby—watching people dance to my beats and trying out different rhythms that go great together. I know, being a DJ is not as ‘fulfilling’ as, say, being a teacher or something. But to me, it’s a real blessing to be able to do this.

Needless to say, I’m also crazy about mixers and all the good stuff that help make my music more awesome. I heard about presonus mixers at guitar center and I’m saving up to get my hands on one. I hope I’ll be able to save enough before Christmas—it’ll be my gift to myself. And if Santa does exist, I wish he’d manufacture something like this in his toy factory and send it down my chimney!

A Dog in a Shopping Cart

This is Prince. He weighs 13 kilograms. He is too heavy for a Shih Tzu so yes he is overweight. A regular Shih Tzu weighs around 5 to 7.7 kilograms I guess during their adult life but Prince is a different story. Anyway, aside from his weight, he is also a traveller. Where his owner goes, he goes. He is used to having diapers when travelling.

Since he is too heavy, Prince’ physical activities are limited. This is the reason why he is sitting in a shopping cart after a day of window shopping. Once he gets tired, you cannot make him move. He will just lie on his belly until you feel pity for the poor thing. So his owner always brings a shopping cart and put him in. The good thing with Prince is he doesn’t move much once he sits in and not even a bark can be heard from him. He just stares at people petting him. Good dog!

The Parts Make Up the Whole

Contrary to popular belief, the whole is not always greater than its parts. Anyone who tells you otherwise obviously does not own a Harley-Davidson. This motorcycle is popular not only for its overall aesthetic, and cool name, but the Harley parts that constitute the whole thing as well. The parts that you use allow the motorcycle to run efficiently and smoothly.