The Disappointment Brought By Movie Warrior

Last night before I went to bed, I watched the movie Warrior starring Tom Hardy. This guy has no impact to me. The main reason why I want to see the movie is to see the story behind the characters because their sport is mixed martial arts. I am fond of watching games like this in our local channel but still would not try it, ever.

The movie runs for two hours long and as expected muscles of the fighters have shown which annoys me. What makes me stick to the movie is the style or technique the fighter has to do. Thought there were only couples of fight, the movie turns entertaining to me, but I got sad and disappointed at the end. Tom loses his championship fight against his own brother. I just felt sorry for Tom’s character; he was just injured that is why he lose the fight. After knowing the decision, i immediately closed my eyes and sleep. I cannot stop my tears to drop. That movie really moved me.

Making My Business Dreams Come True

Like you I have worked for several companies. I also had a regular 9 to 5 job which made me very happy. However, as years pass by it became a routine, and I wanted more. I wanted to be my own boss so I decided to establish a business. To realize this dream I had to come up with a decent amount of business capital.

I asked friends for favors, and I had to pull up all my available resources. I went to the bank, lending companies, even my father to ask for money. Pretty soon I got to actualize the business and run it. Then, cash started flowing and the return of investment was good. I was able to pay everything back in record time and realize my dream.