Beautiful Plaids are Burberry

The best gift I ever received in my entire life was a plaid Burberry bag that is just so gorgeous. I was so elated when I opened it on my birthday last month. I always liked the Burberry designs especially the signature plaid. But I wasn’t really much of a shopper and I just buy stuff whenever I get some time off from work.

When I traveled to New York one time, it was just a few days post the fashion week and I saw some ads of Burberry bags around Times Square that I was only wishing to have. This one I got as a gift is more than I can ever imagine having. This is the ultimate gift. The bag gives me a feeling of being girly. It’s very dainty and surprisingly light. Whenever I use the bag on special days, I feel challenged to really look my best and wear designer dresses from my closet. Now I know why a lot of girls really love bags.

The Best Lawyers Around!

My friend’s mother had gotten into a terrible car accident about a few days ago and was looking for a good lawyer. So I directed her to a durham commercial litigation attorney. Upon meeting the attorney my mother’s friend told me that she could tell that he would be a big help for her case. He helped explained all of the different options she had for settlements and made sure she would be represented professionally during trial.

After a few weeks of court appearances and talks with her new attorney, she decided to settle out of court for $50,000. She was so pleased at how hard working the attorney was that she decided to tell all of her friends about him. The attorney did not charge her much either. He said that he loved to see people get the justice that they deserve. To him justice was payment enough! Helping people find the right services for all their needs is more than just my job its my passion.

Alerting All Minion Fans

For all minion fans out there, rejoice! The movie Despicable Me 2 is set to come out in theaters on July this year. This is a sequel to the much celebrated movie of the same name. The plot is not yet clear, but the main characters will be back to give you a good laugh. The minions will also be there helping Gru destroy, or save the earth. If you haven’t watched the first movie, then it would be best to do so to get acquainted with all the lovable and funny characters.

Children as well as kids at heart will definitely enjoy this. What is even more exciting is on 2014, a movie will also be released featuring the minions themselves. Come July, be sure to drag your husband and kiddos with you to the theaters and you will surely have a blast. Do not forget to buy popcorn’s while you’re at it.