I Love to Read Books

Whenever I am at home, I always spend my free time reading books of all sorts—from classical novels up to subject area books. At times if I don’t find our home conducive for reading, I usually visit the nearest second hand bookstores and spend one to two hours browsing and trying to find books that would suit my taste. Some of my friends do appreciate my past time; but others don’t. Sixty percent (60%) of my friends, especially the ones from my high school, finds my past time boring, and would eventually find me boring. But instead of putting up a fight, I would just give them a cold shoulder and let the issue pass; less talk, less worries.

Honestly, I could not really understand why some people find reading books as a dull activity. But I would not want to waste my time in understanding their way of thinking; as they will not even take time in understanding the beauty of reading. I do really pity them since they are missing half of their lives and of course, they are missing a good source learning experience. If only people, especially my friends, would grow fond of books, then maybe human conversations will always be fruitful and engaging.

Electric Swimming Pool Heaters

An electric swimming pool heaters are effective tools to warm the water in your pool, using electricityThey are better for extended use. They can keep the pool between 80 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (26 to 32 degrees Celsius), as long as the temperature outside is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius). However, they take longer to warm the water than gas pool heaters. Electric pool heaters are actually heat pumps; they extract heat from the air, transfer it to a compressor to heat it more, then pass the heat into the pool. Electric heat pumps typically run from around $2,500 to more than $4,500. However, they cost less to operate than gas pumps and are considered more environmentally friendly.

The electrical swimming pool heater is more reliable than the other versions like solar pool heater or gas swimming pool heater. For the people who enjoy swimming in their own pool, no matter the weather, these kind of heatres are the best option.

Volunteers are World Changers

Being of service to people will always demand selflessness. To give oneself to others requires a great deal of sacrifice. But then I am ready to take on that challenge. For the longest time I have been dreaming of becoming a United Nations Volunteer. However, I am aware that I still have a very long way to go. Yes, I do have the passion for volunteerism, but honestly, passion alone is not a sure ticket to survival. What I need is a full grasp of the realities and societal ills in the society—surmount the naivety.

People have this notion that the volunteer work is about doling out relief goods to survivors. That notion reflects the shallowness of the world. Volunteer work is does not aim for temporary and short-lived relief, but instead, it aims to bring about long term changes and relief. Hence, a true volunteer is a world changer; since a volunteer’s main concern is to address all the present and recurring societal ills in the community. Overall, I may have a clear understanding of my passion, yet capacity wise, I do not have the confidence, the power and the capability to be able to fulfil that yet. Even so, I am confident that in due time I become a true world changer.

Impress The Ladies With A Tambourine

You like a girl, but she only dates someone with an impressive skill. Almost everyone else knows how to play the guitar, and you do not have the money to buy any other musical instruments. The solution to your dilemma is a tambourine mf. The moment she hears this, she will definitely notice. Furthermore, you can use this to play on your church on Sunday’s, this way even the mothers and all their gorgeous daughters will admire you.

Want to have fun? Bring the tambourine to your friend’s house and have a blast. If there is a party that you’ll be attending, you will surely be the center of attention. Aside from that, tambourines add a certain sound when played together with other musical instruments. So if you are planning to enter a band, bring this with you, or buy one to update your drum set. Tambourines have lots of uses so purchase one now.