The Population Composition of London

The population of London as of 2009 is estimated to be about 7.7 million. This is according to the data collected by the Office for National Statistics which further says that 60 percent of the population is composed of Whites of British origin. 2.2 percent of the population is made up of White Irish citizens while other Whites are about 8 percent. The blacks are about 10 percent of the population. The Asian population counts for about 16 percent while the rest of the population is made up of people from other races as well as mixed races. In regards to religions, 58 percent of the residents are Christians. Those who profess the faith of Islam are about 9 percent while the Jews are 2 percent. Those who do not profess any faith are about 16 percent of the population while Sikhs, Buddhists and others are about 1.5, 0.8 and 0.2 percent respectively.