Revenge of the Pigs

Angry birds is one of the most downloadable application in iOS, android phones, tablets and other media-tie in. You play the game by launching birds in a sling shot and destroy fortress made by the pigs. Currenty, Rovio the makers of Angry birds had just launched a new sequel, this time it’s the pig’s turn to take revenge on the birds who attacked them. Rovio chose Taipei as the launching place because it is one of the cities that have widely downloaded the application. Bad piggies offer new game which you go through a series of puzzles and moving the pigs to each destination by building devices.

Bad Piggies is soaring up the top of the iOS charts with 4.5 star rating and a score of 5 for the Android phones. I played Angry birds before, and I can’t wait to download and play this sequel.

Beer Myths

If you’re fond with booze, I’ve got some interesting news for you. It turns out that there are a couple of myths about alcohol you might want to know. I have listed some of the facts and fiction about alcohol.

Myths 1, alcohol destroys brain cells. Actually it’s quite the contrary; it is believed to improve cognitive functions. Myth 2, alcohol improves your sex drive. Fact is alcohol only gives you the confidence during sex but it will just ruin your performance. Myth 3, alcohol gives you beer bellies; there is no evidence that alcohol will make your bellies big, not if you eat too much food. Myth 4, coffee can make you sober when you’re drunk. Well alcohol is a suppressant and coffee is a stimulant. Drinking coffee will only keep you awake but it doesn’t make you sober.

Reverse Mortgage Lenders

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Mother and Daughter Bonding

Mother and daughter bonding is a bond that is very important for the mother, as well as the daughter. As a daughter, you will always be aware that your mother is always there for you no matter what. As a mother, you can feel safe and secure knowing that your daughter is comfortable talking to you and coming to you when she needs help. This should be a strong bond that can’t be broken. Mother and daughter bonding can be spending tine together, doing anything. Such activities include shopping, going out to eat, going to the movies, and even going on vacation.

The Lost Gist of Marriage

Going back to an empty home is common these days. It is sad but true. I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to the real essence of marriage. You can get married and get a divorce by the next day these days. It is like a joke. I often ask myself “Has it completely lost its value?” “Are we not able to distinguish the difference between attraction, lust, and commitment?” “Are we all just plain animals and marriage is just a form of entertainment?”.

When I was younger, when I ask something about the concept of marriage, there’s nothing but positivity. Now all I ever hear about marriage is regret and mistakes. I hope it won’t stay like this.