Does Coffee Really Cause Insomia?

I have observed that since I had been drinking small sips of coffee throughout the day, I find it hard to sleep early in the evening. I guess it was due to the caffeine content in coffee that gets me wide awake at night. It was then that I found out that caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are one of the common causes of insomnia. Coffee, tea, cola and other caffeine-containing drinks are well-known stimulants. So if you drink coffee in the late afternoon or later it can keep you from falling asleep at night. To this, I changed the time schedule in my coffee routine. I will make sure not to have coffee late in the afternoon such as after 4PM.

Butch’s Trolly Bag

Butch was very excited during his first day of school as a nursery student. It was because he will get to use all the new stuffs that his parents bought for him. One of the things that make him so excited is the trolly bag that he received from hi uncle in the States. He just couldn’t wait for the time that he will be dragging them to school. Ever since the trolly bag arrived he had kept counting over the days left for the classes to begin. Butch also got used to the idea of going to school since most of the kids in our neighborhood are already in their school age.