Colds Virus

I really hate it when the colds virus hits me! It gives me a hard time talking to other people normally because my nostrils are clogged. And that makes me sound so funny. Since childhood, I really don’t like having such condition. Even if I take medicines for clogged nose, it doesn’t really cure. But I’ve learned my lessons through the years.

The only cure for cold is one glass of lemon juice a day and lots of water. I really don’t know how it works, but rest assured that it really works for everybody, especially for kids who doesn’t like to take medicines.

Banana Peel Burger Patty

Sounds new, right? Banana peelings are just one of those stuffs to get right into the garbage after making use of its yummy banana fruit. Nah, it should not be the case at all times because today things can be recycled to not only economize but also to lessen the pile of garbage in our environment. Well, not every one may know that banana peelings are very rich in potassium and other minerals as rich as the banana fruit itself. And for this, banana peelings should not be discarded just easy as that. Try boiling those banana peelings and cut them into small, fine cuts. Place in a bowl and sprinkle with flour. Mix it and add eggs. Season with salt and pepper. Form into small balls and flatten with a spatula. Place in a plate of bread crumbs. Fry until brown and instantly, you will have your banana peel patty. Place in between two buns and enjoy your banana peel burger. Not only healthy but also economical!

Busy Parents

“Parents are often busy with the physical rearing of children that they miss the glory of parenthood, just as the grandeur of the trees is lost when raking leaves”, by Marcelene Cox.

I absolutely agree with what this saying states. Nowadays, parents focus more in making business to acquire wealth and fame to achieve better lives for their children’s future—as they often said but they never thought that getting busy most of the day deprives them the time to rear and teach their children the best things about life. We may see our kids to be just little noisy, tupsy turvy creatures that often grind against us like sandpapers and eventually lead us to get mad at the little silly things they do. But don’t you know that is it one part of a healthy parenthood to spend time to sit down with your kids even how misbehave they are. Little kids appreciate your being you when you play with them and tell them tales of the past as they treasure such bonding moments with you for a lifetime.

Parenthood comes with great responsibility—time! Give your best moment with your children as you might miss the glory of parenthood. Don’t dare miss a beat—make time with your kids.

Sinigang na Bangus or Poached Milkfish

Sinigang na Bangus or Poached Milkfish is one of my favorite dishes. Even though the milkfish is the type of fish that has lots of tiny bones, it still doesn’t stop me from eating such dish. I guess it’s the sweet taste of fresh milkfish that makes me crave for the dish.

There are a lot more dishes that can be made out of milkfish but then this dish is a much healthier choice. It is fat free and the soup adds up to your daily water intake. However, we must be careful enough in adding salt in preparing this dish because sometimes, the soup becomes tastier if you add more salt, but then it’s already unhealthy. So only moderate amount of salt should be used for this dish.

To Floss or Not to Floss

Ben consulted his dentist because of his bleeding gums. After careful assessment of the symptoms, his dentists diagnosed that he has gingivitis. He was then given appropriate treatment and had been advised to make it a habit to floss after brushing. He was also advised to use pyodontyl toothpaste for sensitive gums.

Now, that he was required to floss, he dread brushing time because he doesn’t want to floss. The main reason is that he was not used to it and it will eat up some of his time especially in the morning when he is always in a hurry. He would often ask himself whether to floss or not during brushing time.