Taking a Valentine’s Cruise with My Boyfriend

Guest post written by my buddy Brian Workman

Although we weren’t sure what we wanted to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend just surprised me with a cruise to Maui! It’s a special cruise especially for the holiday, so it’s sure to be a romantic getaway featuring all kinds of extras. We’ve never been on a cruise before, so we’re really looking forward to it.

We’re leaving next Saturday, early in the morning. We’ll set our home security alarm (information ADT ALARM ), get our luggage and then take a taxi there. It’ll be so exciting to see the ship once we arrive! He booked us a special suite that comes with a Valentine’s package, including special room service, a hot tub and a spa visit for one of the days. The ship is also going to be featuring candlelit dinners for two each night. The dinners and champagne in the ads look delicious.

Most of all, I think I’m really looking forward to the chance for my boyfriend and I to spend so much time together. It seems like people get so distracted by everything going on in their lives and it can be hard to take a vacation without worrying about what’s going on back at home. I think this trip will be far enough away and removed from the real world so that we can enjoy a stress-free and relaxing romantic time together.

toro mowers

Lily told her sister that there is a sale on toro mowers and that she’s finally going to buy. Her sister is always complaining that she’s always tired after mowing the grass. It’s time to buy a new mower and to make her sister happy. Lily is now the guardian of her sister since they have family problems and her sister was left on her. Surprisingly, they got along so well and she’s like a mom to her sister.

outdoor fire pit

It’s rainy season again and Hazel is ecstatic about it. She wants the cold weather and she’s happy because they have a new outdoor fire pit in their house. Now, she can still go to the patio and read her book. Hazel suggested to her dad to put a fire pit so she can still go out even in cold season.

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Beth’s patio was recently renovated. Now, it is more spacious and somewhere where they can just sit and meditate. Adirondack chairs is what she ordered to make the patio more comfy and makes you feel like more closer to nature. She already received a complement with those chairs. She is happy that she bought that and she truly enjoys sitting in that chair.