kitchen blinds

Lyra is searching for kitchen blinds because sometimes her kitchen is too bright and hot. She has two big windows in her kitchen because she wanted it more open and for ventilation, too. When it’s too sunny, the kitchen’s temperature also changes so Lyra needs blinds to cover the windows or else the food might be affected. She will ask her sister to accompany her to the mall to look for the perfect blinds.


The toilet in Fara’s house is what Rachel wanted to have in her own house. Rachel loves to rest in her bathroom. It is where she read her book while soaking in a hot tub. Rachel visited Fara the other day and she saw that she has a nice bathroom. She complemented Fara on how pretty and comfy her bathroom is and she told her that she just copy it in a home style magazine. Now she knows why her house looks so stylish.

medical carts

Susanne is a purchaser and works in the hospital. She loves her job although there were times that she has lots of things to do. Earlier she was assigned to order for medical carts that will be needed for the new unit of the hospital. Susanne is always quick in finishing her assigned task and the management loved her for that. She’s so good at what she’s doing that she got promoted several times.

slimming body wraps

April’s friend had told her to use slimming body wraps to help her lose weight fast. Since she had received the invitation to their company’s important event, April is trying to lose weight. She wanted to lose weight fast because she needs to wear a gown or something that will look really nice on her. She also wanted to lose weight due to health reasons. April is trying to run every morning plus she also wanted to try the slimming body wraps to make her sexy in no time.

best acne products

Jordin wanted to help her best friend who has acne. She’s looking for the best acne products that will be suited to her friend’s face. Jordin has a smooth-fair skin and she knew that deep down, her best friend is also wishing to have the same skin. Her BFF (best friend forever) is pretty but her acne is making her ugly. She’s also self conscious whenever some guy would look at her face for several minutes. Jordin had wanted her BFF to enjoy life so she’s helping her by looking for the best acne products.