deal of the day

One of my weaknesses is shopping. Once I am in the shopping mall, I always have big debts in my credit card. I always bought items that I don’t really need it. If you see my closet, I still have clothes and shoes that have tags on it. I think shopping is women’s weakness. Do you agree girls? Anyway, today I will go to the mall to avail the deal of the day sale. I surely bargain a lot of children clothes there.

motorcycle accident attorney

A week ago, my friend got hit by a motorcycle. She was in the right lane to make a left turn on a green light but all of a sudden a motorcycle hit her car. She asked me where to find a motorcycle accident attorney to defend her case. I am not sure where to go but I told her to go in the driving safety to find out more details. I know there are officials can tell her what to do.

receipt printer

This morning when I went to our convenient store near to my house, I was disappointed at the cashier because they were out of receipt printer. I waited too long just to pay all my groceries. When I get home, it was already late then I missed my aerobic class at the Y. I really hate it when I miss one class. Anyway, this afternoon, I will take my kids to the park.

wireless security systems

Hubby has decided to get wireless security systems in our house in order to keep the mortgage insurance low at price. The insurance agent told him to buy one to keep our insurance steady. Well, I am happy for that so that we have security while we are not at home. We live far from the city though we don’t know if there are thefts around in our area.

medical assistant training school

Yesterday, my husband asked me if I am still interested to go to school. I told him, not anymore because I found out the tuition fee is very expensive. If I will study full time, my financial aid will be granted but if I’ll take less than 12 hours, I am not entitled for financing aid. As of now, I am interested in medical assistant training school through online.