free directory

I have been looking for a certain service in our locality but of no avail. I have looked through on the yellow pages but I could not find them. Where else should I look? I have asked a friend about this and she told me to look at the free directory in the internet. She said that nowadays there are websites already that provide us the most complete resources for businesses, services and different kinds of products.

christmas photo cards

For the past Christmas seasons, I sent Christmas cards to my close relatives and friends. I have made it a tradition already to really send them cards with short messages in order for me to keep in touch with them. This year I have decided to send christmas photo cards instead. As of third week of November I have started mailing already to the post office my Christmas photo cards for my relatives who are now living abroad.

LCD tvs

I went to my officemate’s house last weekend. I had my biking together with my biking friends and we decided to drop by at Myla’s house. When we were there she offered us some crackers and a 3-in-1 coffee. While we were there she showed us their new LCD tvs. She said her father bought it when he received his retirement money from his employer.

Myrtle beach golf packages

A friend of mine has mentioned about Myrtle beach golf packages. She invited me and my family to go with them for a vacation this coming December. If we go with them it will be the second time that our families have gone to a vacation together. I will talk to my husband first if we could join them. I really want to be away for a while because this past few weeks have been very stressful at work.

punta cana resorts

My friend was talking about punta cana resorts when we attended a birthday party last night at the Dynasty Court Hotel and Restaurant. It was the 21st birthday of my officemate’s daughter yesterday. Invited guests were from our office, her daughter’s classmates in college and some of their relatives. It was a nice party, not so crowded and the food was just enough for everybody.