My version of Salisbury Steak

My sister would always mention that she really likes to eat the Salisbury Steak served at one of the first class fastfood/bakeshoppe here in the phillipines. And the bright kid that I was, I planned to cook for her her favorite! It’s so easy to make. My recipe for the big patties are just so delicious! My patties are 100% pure beef and a half kilo of ground beef would be enough to make 8 huge patties. The flavor of the patties are so good to stuff it a burger bun instead of eating it with gravy, mashed potatoes and rice. My sisters were really pleased when they got to see how I arranged everything in their light fixtures and dishes.

My New Gadget

At long last! I am so happy that the biggest local mall here in our had their annual three-day sale, which commenced last friday, because I was able to buy myself a new gadget. I bought my self a new laptop. It’s the latest among the Acer Aspire line of laptops. It has features that are more higher/advanced than my first laptop. It has higher processor speed, at 2.0 GHz with 2 GB DDR3 Memory and 250 GB Hard Disk Drive. Pretty much better specs than my previous laptop eh! I’m expecting that with its specs, it’s performance would also be better.

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a new comer in the music industry. I have heard her songs because my brother plays them in the music player very often. And I liked and disliked some of them; but her songs which I liked the most are Pokerface, Eh Eh (nothing else I could say) and Just Dance. It calms my mind whenever I listen to it and it makes me feel young again. Haha! How I wish the songs life insurance comparison could really make me young again.

Travel Memorabilia

Travel broadens the mind and flattens the wallet, a wit once said. But a friend of mine opposed the idea and even proved it wrong for he has found the best buys abroad that won’t even make you break the bank! He bought an A5 notebook in Japan which only cost him P40, a peep-toe wedges for his girlfriend in Korea which only costs P1200, a gladiator sandals for his sister from Hong Kong for only 99 HKD, a Russian vodka which cost ranges from 100-800 pesos and lastly, Lipofuze review a knee-high socks from Macau for only P65. These best buys can only be availed if one is only patient enough to window shop every other store that they can see around the town.

appetite suppressants

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