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Wake Up!

How do you account for the baby girls who are killed in China , where there is one-child policy, for want of a male child? How about the millions of healthy fetuses who are aborted by their mommies and never given a chance at life? What about the countless children who are abused, kidnapped, sold, abandoned, neglected, raped and murdered?

It’s scary, I know. Now I realize that we’re not far from being barbarians ourselves.

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Best Toys for Kids

Here are some of the best toys you can give for your kids:
• Educational toys teach problem solving techniques, develop logical thinking, and improve observation skills.
• Bicycles and ride-ons promote fitness and reinforce child’s fondness for outdoor activities.
• Puzzles challenge the child’s ingenuity. They teach the recognition of patterns and increase deduction skills deduction.

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Taking Out the Trash

I usually have to remind my husband to take out the garbage on trash pick-up days. It’s not one of his favorite jobs, but he musters up the determination to get it done and then just do it. Afterward it’s a nice feeling to have it out of the house, Colonix and he forgets about it till the following week. Yes, we need trucks to pick up the garbage that accumulates in our homes.

best diet pill

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