Auto Allowance

Everything is mobile these days even the employees are required to be mobile. If only companies would make use of video conferencing more, maybe the employees do not have to run around just to attend meetings at almost every city possible. Maybe companies would save more on the operating expense (opex) because auto allowance would be at a minimum.

Anyways, I remember one of the jobs of one of the secretaries was to make sure that the vehicles assigned to the company for employees who will be doing field work was properly managed. So there are vehicles that can be used by employees who were scheduled for meeting, presentation outside of the office premises. Of course, not everybody can be accommodated and so others would just ride the taxi and taxi expenses would have to be reimbursed. Of course, nothing beats having a car and a driver at your disposal but you can’t have that all the time. The trick here is to reserve the company vehicle as soon as you know that you have a meeting on the said date. There is a possibility that you might be bumped off because sometimes the senior officers were given priority. You can always use your car if you do not want to ride a public vehicle and have your gas expenses reimbursed instead.

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