Chowking’s Sioplet

I have already mentioned that I love eating Chinese food on my previous blogs. And it’s because of the Chinese blood that runs through my veins. And it’s not only me, but my sisters as well. Last week, we had the chance to chat and she was telling me that one of our favourite Chinese food chain in the Philippines is offering another product that, according to her, would make me want to go home and try some. It’s called “Sioplet”. She described it to me, and it seems like a steamed bun that’s stuffed with purple yam and mung bean paste. For sure, I would try this when I get to go home!

TV Stand

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Engagement Rings

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Chorizo, Egg and Rice

Hmmm, this is one of my favorite breakfasts. I usually only use chorizo for breakfast with eggs, I am not really fan of rice anymore because I totally eliminate the rice in my diet. I know chorizo is fatty but I rarely eat this. Oh, I can eat chorizo all the time and I’ll prefer pork over beef then cut up potatoes in squares and deep fry them. By the way, don’t forget to check out Linksys router.

Chili Pepper Ornaments

Here is another one Christmas ornament of my sister in-law’s Christmas tree. I took this photo last Christmas in Virginia. About 4 years ago, I have started collecting Christmas ornaments for some reason, every Christmas, my in-laws gave me at least two or three ornaments. I think it’s pretty neat that most of the ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree are from friends and relatives. It is a good token indeed.