Beach Bikes

It’s been a while now that I’ve been asking hubby to buy me a bike to stay me active. I wanted to out with my kids too and have fun in our neighborhood. I saw a lot of mothers and children in our walking trail riding their bikes and it looks so fun. Anyway, hubby told it’s expensive and we can’t afford it yet. Well, I think he can’t say no what I found today in the internet. CruiserStyle do com, are selling beach bikes for as low as $95. The one that I like for my daughter is the beach cruiser for girls. They are available of different colors for men, women and children. Check it now.

Romantic Lines

I have a confession to make. I’m an avid fan of romance—read in books, seen in movies and all else that ends “happily ever after.” Declarations of undying love such as “Better my life should be ended by their hate, than that hated life should be prolonged, to live without your love” (Romeo and Juliet) or “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” (Love Story) or even “You complete me” (Jerry Maguire) give me that warm, giddy feeling. Memories Frozen in Time

Power Steering Rack

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Hydroxycut Reviews

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