Days of the Week & More

My 2 years and 7 months old daughter to read using flash cards. Of course it wasn’t that easy because in order to read, every child must know the sound of the alphabet letters. Using her auditory skills this child was able to read the following words: friend, bus, goose, flag, circle, blue, man, apple, boy, sun, wig, wet, zebra, yellow, brown, egg, and the seven days of the week.

Photo Hunters: Messy

This is my daughter posing after eating Ube ice cream. I think she is very happy. What do you think? We often by Ube ice cream in the Asian store because my hubby likes it also. Once in a while we buy Filipino products because I crave and miss our delicacies.

Practice Reading

This is my 2 years and 7 months old daughter.

“I love my family.” There is more behind this picture. This is actually about my daughter learning to read using the flash cards. The child was able to blend the letter sound together to sound out a word and begin to read simple sentences like: This is my family, here I come, I am two years old, I have a happy face, and I am girl.

By the way, she was crying at first because she wanted to play the camera but I didn’t let her.

New Version with crying effect.

Wordless Wednesday #30

Christmas 2007. My daughter and her Christmas gifts. This is taken during our visit in Virginia . As usual she’s still sleeping near the Christmas tree. I can’t wake her up for picture taking so I just placed all her gifts beside her and took the picture. Isn’t it cute?

Wordless Wednesday #29

The common holiday cacti or a Christmas Cactus in bloom! This is taken during our visit in Virginia for Thanksgiving. This is a favorite houseplant of my in-laws. We always have our Christmas in Virginia where most my husband’s sibling lived. It’s kind of a tradition of our family.