Wordless Wednesday #28

This is a close-up picture of my fishes. They are called parrotfish. They have a very small mouth and roundish balloon shaped body. Perhaps they are called Parrotfish because their nose looks like a parrot’s beak. They have a variety of colors but I love the red ones.

Weekend Snapshot #12

This is what I’ve been doing last Friday. The before and after result after cleaning my aquarium.

This is my aquarium. The first photo was taken before I had it cleaned and the second one was taken after cleaning the aquarium. My pets are parrot fish. I guess you could say that they are my favorite fish because when I was still in the Philippines I have parrot fish too. I like this kind of fish because they add color to my aquarium. They look very attractive

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Photo Hunters: I Love Flowers

Daisies. My mother grows lots of them in her garden. There are different kinds of daisies like African daisy with showy flower heads, Aster (sunflower family), Tanacetum (resembling chrysanthemums), Oxeye or Marguerite (summer flower), Shasta (smaller bloom), Moon, Crown, Tricolor, Yellow Ox-eye, Gerbera, and Bellis (common daisy). They have different sizes or shapes to.


Wordless Wednesday #27

Another view from Pearl Farm, Davao . This is the Malipano Villas or big houses are located at Malipano Island , an island across Pearl Farm Resort. There are two types of Villas: five villas have 3 bedrooms and two villas have 4 bedrooms. If you want to dine out to this secluded island there is a standby speedboat to transport guess to the restaurant and other facilities at Pearl Farm.