Wordless Wednesday #26

Have you seen a cave? This is a view from the Crystal Cave in Boracay. This is one nice view that you should never miss when you visit Boracay. Crysal cove has two caves that you can climb down or crawl to. After your tour inside the cave you can take a swim or even do snorkeling.

Weekend Snapshot #8

As you all know food is a source of energy and life. This is one of my prepared foods. I make it to a point to prepare healthy food for my family. This is grilled chicken with vegetable side dish like asparagus, green pepper, carrots, and oregano. Bon Appétit guys!

Weekend Snapshot is how I served our meal on the table.

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Photo Hunters: Pink

This week Photo Hunter’s theme is pink. After giving birth with my second child, I was really busy. But, I got a chance to take a picture of her bare feet. It’s so pink. Her little toes are so cute. Never miss a moment kissing it. Sometimes I wiggle her feet to the music and sing along.


This is my daughter’s feet, she is 26 days old today.

Wordless Wednesday #25

Boracay sandcastle. Have you ever been in Boracay? Well, you’ll be amazed watching locals build “giant” sandcastles. Yes, you heard me right. It’s really interesting how they’re able to build such intricately beautiful sandcastle. They create wonderful sandcastles daily. These are made from white sand of the island. At night the castles are lit with lamps made from bottle of beer.

Weekend Snapshot #7

Can you say that the food is delicious by its presentation? This is one of the easy ingredients to prepare food to save your time. I usually prepare foods that can save of time. This one is grilled chicken sliced in bite size with cucumber, tomato, black olive, and vinaigrette sauce.